Vision and Mission Statement


The City of Arcadia envisions itself as a community which remains safe, healthy and attractive, fostering a positive environment for business and income growth; which remains a major county employment center; which provides for the well planned expansion of the community in an environmentally sustainable fashion; and which enhances its future image and competitiveness within the region.

Mission Statement

The City of Arcadia strives to;

1. Be fiscally sound and progressive.

2. Provide a safe and healthy environment for living and doing business.

3. Continue to be an industrial center with job growth into the future.

4. Advance the city economy to enable increasing income levels and opportunities for new business development and expansions.

5. Provide for the improvement of its central business district.

6. Provide for the expansion of the city in tune with community growth needs.

7. Provide for advancements of public infrastructure and public services, including improved street and highway accessibility from the central city area to the state and county highway network; a general reduction in traffic congestion; and the provision of health and leisure time facilities.

8. Provide for affordable housing for its labor force.

9. Recognize and accommodate itself to environmental qualities and constraints, and the incorporation of such qualities into site planning, leisure time, wellness and esthetic benefits to residents and businesses.

10. Enhance the visual qualities of the community through the application of esthetic development and building standards.

11. Stay based on a Comprehensive Plan which is kept updated as necessary.

12. Adjust to changing demographics, including an aging population.