Water & Wastewater Utilities FAQ

Q. I'm moving, what about my utilities?

A. To end or disconnect your utility services , an owner or tenant of the property can do so by calling the Utility Billing Clerk at City Hall at 608-323-3359 ext. 23 or by stopping in at City Hall. If you need to start or connect utility services, please stop in at City Hall to fill out an application.

Q. I have a question(s) on my utility bill?

A. For questions or information regarding your utility bill, please contact the Utility Billing Clerk at City Hall at 608-323-3359 ext. 23.

Q. What part of my sewer service am I responsible for?

A. The owner of the residence is responsible for the sewer lateral (pipe) from where is comes into the property to the sewer main. The owner of the residence is also responsible for all internal plumping associated with the sewer which includes toilets, sinks, drains, pipes, etc. The Water Utility Department is responsible for the sewer main.

Q. What should I do if I am going to dig, landscape or put in a new driveway, etc.?

A. You need to call Digger's Hotline at 811 or 1-800-242-8511 at least 3 working days before you dig to request that the underground utilities be located. Digger's Hotline will notify us along with other utility companies to locate gas, electric, cable and telephone. Digger's Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For more information you may also check out their website at www.diggershotline.com

Q. I am not sure if I should put this material or product down the drain. What should I do?

A. Never put anything into the sewer system that is highly flammable or explosive. Never allow mercury or other toxic materials to enter our sewer system. Most potentially dangerous chemicals or materials have a warning label, Safety Data Sheets or other accompanying literature that states whether or not the product can be put into a sewer systems. Follow the instructions when they are given with such products or materials. If the information advises you to call your wastewater department for permission to put a material in the sewer, please call us at 608-323-3452.

If there is any question in your mind as to whether or not you should put a product or material into the sewer system, DO NOT put the product or material into the sewer system without talking with us first.

By being more cautious of what you are putting down your sewer system will help protect public safety, prevent problems at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and protect the water quality of the Trempealeau River. Remember your sewer pipes are connected to your neighbor's and everyone throughout our city so think of the potential danger you could be putting your neighbor's and entire city in by putting a product or material down the drain that doesn't belong there.