Identity Theft


Individuals and Businesses who believe their Identity has been stolen must take the recommended steps to prevent further fraudulent accounts opened and/or charges to your legitimate accounts…
As soon as possible:

(1) Contact the fraud department of one of the three major credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit file. This will prevent further unauthorized opening of new accounts or changes to existing accounts. Contact information for the credit bureaus is attached.

(2) Close all accounts that have been opened fraudulently and existing accounts that have been tampered with.

(3) Continue with the filing of a police report by completing the “Identity Crime Incident Detail Form”. Include copies of all supporting documents such as statements, past-due notices, and all other correspondence received or sent by you. Upon completion, telephone the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 715-538-4351 and asked to speak to an Arcadia Police Officer and file a police report.

While identification and prosecution of Identity Theft suspects is not always possible, this agency is dedicated to assisting victims with rights and opportunities afforded them under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and Wisconsin Statutes. You will be referred to the Federal Trade Commission’s ID Theft website for further information and instructions.  Persons not having internet access will be supplied with a printed copy of all materials.


Chief Diana Anderson
Arcadia Police Department