About Arcadia Wastewater Utility

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Welcome to the City of Arcadia Wastewater Utility Department!

The City of Arcadia Wastewater Utility Department provides collection, treatment and environmentally acceptable discharge of the wastewater generated by the residents, businesses and industries of the City of Arcadia.  The department is responsible for the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant, Main Lift Station, aerated lagoon system and the sanitary sewer infrastructure located throughout the City.

You may have never thought of  the Arcadia Wastewater Utility Department to be in the recycling business but that is actually what we do, through a complex treatment process, we recycle your "used water" into to clean water to be released back into the environment.

In 2016, the Wastewater Utility received 508 million gallons of sewage or wastewater to process, treat and stabilize from the City of Arcadia's residents, businesses and industries at it's wastewater treatment facility.

Contact Information

Wastewater Utility
401 S Sobotta Street Arcadia, WI 54612
Phone (608) 323-3452
Fax (608) 323-3044
Ray Suchla, Superintendent

Shop Hours 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

After Hours Emergency (608) 323-3452

Utility Billing
945 S Dettloff Drive, Arcadia, WI 54612
Phone (608) 323-3359 Ext 23
Fax (608) 323-3242
Brenda Bautch, Utility Billing Clerk

Office Hours 8:00 am - 4:30 pm