Utility Commission

The light and water utility commission shall have the general management and supervision of the city electric light and waterworks utility and all matters connected therewith. They shall have the general power and authority to appoint a plant superintendent and such other employees as may be necessary, and shall have the right and power to fix their compensation. They shall make such rules and regulations as they shall from time to time find necessary for the safe, economical and efficient management and operation of such utility. They shall keep books of account in the manner and form prescribed by the Public Service Commission, which shall be open to the public. They shall also make an annual report. They shall have the power to call for bids and enter into contracts for materials, supplies and service; to mortgage the equipment and property of said utility, and to pledge the revenues therefrom; and, in general, shall have all of the powers and duties as are given to the governing body of the City of Arcadia by the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

The Utility Commission meets regularly on the 1st Wednesday of the month.