Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department works with citizens, businesses, and community leaders to shape the appearance, use and development in the City of Arcadia. Staff administer the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, and provides information to citizens to assist in development.

New Development Procedures

Deciding to build or develop new construction may be confusing. In order to provide the best assistance, the City of Arcadia has provided a checklist to assist you through the process.

  1. Determine if the property is within the City Corporate Boundaries. If the property is not within the City of Arcadia, and you would like to be, you will need to apply for annexation.

  2. Determine zoning of property. The Zoning Districts determine what and how you are able to build. If your property does not conform to your building desire, you may have to apply for a conditional use permit, variance, or rezone the property.

  3. Determine if you would like to subdivide the property. If you would like to subdivide, you must first meet the requirements of the Subdivision Ordinance.

  4. Contact the Arcadia Electric Utility, Water and Wastewater Utility, and Street Departments to determine a plan to get utilities to the property.

  5. Obtain the proper permits. Depending on the construction you may need several different permits. You will have to obtain a building permit from the City. You may also have to contact the respective State Agencies to obtain additional permits.

  6. Once the construction starts, the City will assign addresses and notify the proper authorities.

The following links are the more detailed process instructions and applications.

Please take note that you should contact the City Administrator before the start of any project as it may save you time and money.


An annexation transfers territory from unincorporated towns to cities and villages. Landowners usually seek to annex property to obtain sewer and water or other city or village services not available in the town.

There are several methods for which a property can be annexed. Those methods are provided through the Wisconsin Department of Administration Annexation. Lands annexed to the City of Arcadia shall be subject to the Residential District, unless the Common Council adopts another district.


A subdivision is an act of dividing a plat of land into smaller plats for development. The  subdivisions are categorized as a major subdivision, minor subdivision; or commercial subdivision. Each subdivision has its own procedure to approval.

Subdivision Procedures and Ordinance


Conditional Uses and Variance