Dare Graduation

Police Department Provides DARE Program for Area Students

DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. DARE is a program that stresses the importance of positive role models, and gives them the tools to stay drug, alcohol, and violence free.

Arcadia Middle School 6th grade students participating in D.A.R.E. learn not only about drugs and alcohol, but they learned about making safe and responsible choices, resistance strategies, Surgeon General Warnings, advertisements, how to respond to pressure, signs of stress and how to handle stress, confident communication, and bullying.

At the end of program, students are required to write a DARE Essay. In this essay they were to include what they learned in DARE, how it has affected them and their pledge for the future to be drug, alcohol, and violence free. Every year this program is adapted to fit the current drug trends and needs of the students in our school and community.

                                2021-2022 6th Grade Classes

DARE Picture

DARE Picture