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Water & Waster Water Utility BuildingWelcome to the City of Arcadia Water and Wastewater Utility!

In the United States, including Arcadia, many of us take for granted the flow of water in and out of our homes and businesses. We have access to safe, clean water and sanitation services by simply turning on a faucet or flushing a toilet. We tend to forget about the vast infrastructure beneath our feet. The community of Arcadia is built on this infrastructure and wouldn't be possible without it. The Arcadia Water and Wastewater Utility Department is the one responsible for providing the city with safe, reliable drinking water and essential wastewater treatment services.

The Arcadia Water and Wastewater Utility is accountable for the proper operation, maintenance and compliancy of both systems, the water distribution and wastewater collection, for the city that is strictly regulated by the State and Department of Natural Resources.

The Water and Wastewater utilities operates under the direct supervision of the Water and Wastewater Superintendent, subject to the authority of the dedicated forward-thinking Utility Commission in coordination with the publicly elected City Council and seven water and wastewater certified field operators. All operators including the superintendent are certified by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and maintain their certification through continuing education. Our skilled and highly motivated staff strives to maintain maximum standards of community health and safety while protecting and preserving the environment and our water resources.Well 6 - Located on Ct Rd A

The responsibilities of the utilities are the operation, maintenance and repair of the entire water and wastewater infrastructure systems and facilities. This includes four water filtration plants (wells), a wastewater treatment plant that consists of a four aerated pond system, a wastewater pump lift station, and two water reservoirs.  Along with these facilities mentioned, the department maintains, repairs and upgrades the city's water and sewer mains, water valves, manholes, hydrants and water services. The staff also installs, tests, reads and repairs the water meters that are in residential and commercial properties. They monitor, record data and perform water quality and wastewater testing daily as part of the stringent stipulations required at the local, state and federal level. Other duties include Digger Hotline locates, hydrant flushing, and daily inspection of the wells and treatment plant.

The main focus of the Water Utility Department is to make sure that our City has a continuous supply of safe, quality drinking water. The Wastewater Utility's main responsibility is to collect and treat our city's sanitary sewage according to strict environmental regulations set forth by the State and Department of Natural Resources.

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Lagoons
Wastewater Treatment Plant and Lagoons
Wastewater Treatment Plant and Lagoons

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Water & Wastewater Utility
Ray Suchla, Superintendent
401 S Sobotta Street
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