Library Board

The Arcadia Public Library Board is governed by Wisconsins library law (Chapter 43) which mandates library board control of:

  • All library expenditures [43.58(1)]
  • Library buildings and other property [43.58(1)]
  • Hiring, supervision, and firing of library director [43.58(4)]
  • Setting all library employee compensation levels [43.58(4)]
  • Determining necessary staff positions (but the hiring of other staff is the responsibility of the library director) [43.58(4)]
  • Determining library policies [43.52(2)]

In addition, library boards:

  • Must be sure their library director qualifies for and maintains the appropriate certification from the DLT [43.15(4)(c)(6) & Admin. Code PI 6]
  • Must annually elect a board president (and any other officers the board decides to create) [43.54(2) and 43.57(5)(d)]
  • Must approve and submit the required annual report to the municipality and the DLT [43.58(6)]
  • May retain custody of certain funds (gifts and donations only), following the provisions of Wis. Stat. s.43.58(7)