Residential Building Permits

As the demand of housing opportunities continue to grow throughout the community, the City of Arcadia strives to promote the general health, safety and welfare of the citizens and residents of the City of Arcadia. In conjunction with the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code, the City of Arcadia regulates single-family and two-family home construction under the Chapter 162. Otherwise known as the Building Code Ordinance, it requires that a City residential building permit is needed for/but not limited to the following circumstances.

1) New Single-Family Home or Duplex

2) New Garage

3) Structural alterations to a building in excess of $2,500.00

4) Additions in excess of $2,500.00

Generally, items that do not change the occupancy capacity, structural strength, fire protection, exits, lights or ventilation of the building may not require a building permit. Examples include:

1) Installing carpets or rugs

2) Painting

3) Finishing of interior surfaces

4) New roofing

5) New siding

6) Window replacement

7) Cabinetry installation

8) Minor furnace system repairs or installations

9) Minor electrical and plumbing repairs

Commercial/ Industrial Building Permits (multi-family, non-profit, and other commercial/industrial buildings)

Commercial and industrial developers must provide 2 copies of stamped state approved plans along with a City application. Applicants must ensure that their business is allowed under the Zoning Code.

Request for Electrical Service or Service Upgrade

Heavy Truck Traffic Permit

When beginning construction, heavy machinery is often needed to move material. If you intend to use heavy machinery, you must first obtain a Heavy Truck Traffic Permit. Other considerations should also be given to road weight restrictions and designated truck routes.

Dumpster Permit

If you intend on renting a dumpster for your construction project, you may need a dumpster permit. The use of dumpsters is governed by the Dumpster Ordinance.